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The first Baby Spa on Aruba

Baby Spa Aruba offers something very special, new and one of a kind: the baby float, also known as hydrotherapy. 

Baby Spa Aruba is for all babies between 14 days and 8 months old.

Bring your little one to Baby Spa Aruba for a relaxing floating session and strengthen your bond with a Shantala baby massage!

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Baby Spa Aruba has a passion for happy babies

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About Baby Spa Aruba

Baby Spa Aruba has a passion for happy babies. Not exactly one baby is the same as the other. All babies are special and all between 14 days and 8 months old are welcome at Baby Spa Aruba.


What has been a huge succes in Holland for years has been brought overseas to Aruba by Vivienne Bikker, the owner of Baby Spa Aruba.

As the first baby spa on Aruba, we are so excited to welcome you!

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What We Offer


Baby float session


Sleepy session

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General information


Tanki Flip 55, Lokaal 4


Temporarily Whatsapp Number:

+297 745 9122


Opening hours:



Tuesday - Sunday

by appointment only


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