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Baby float (hydrotherapy)

Baby Spa Aruba offers something very special: the baby float, also known as hydrotherapy. Your baby gets a special floating neckring and can then float in the warm water of the baby jacuzzi. This is wonderfully relaxing. Floating has a lot of nice benefits; it brings you closer together and promotes the development of your baby.

The benefits of floating for your baby

Floating promotes both emotional and physical development of your baby.
Here are some advantages at a glance:

  • Floating improves your baby's balance and coordination, which in the long run helps with crawling, walking and swimming.

  • The warm water has a calming effect and is good for the sleep rhythm.

  • The counter pressure of the water helps against colic and has a positive effect on digestion.

  • The float session is a light workout that helps strengthen your little one's lungs, muscles and heart.

  • The feeling of the water supports brain development.

During the session you as a parent/caregiver stay with your baby at all times and you sit or stand next to the bath to encourage your baby.

Floating is very intensive for babies and therefore takes a maximum of 30 minutes. When your baby comes for the first time, your baby may not last longer than 10 minutes. Don't worry, that too is quite an achievement! When your baby comes more often, this increases the habit and your baby can float for up to 30 minutes.

The floating sessions cannot be compared to taking a bath at home. Experience shows that when a baby is properly introduced to the water, he or she can experience floating as very pleasant. And often your baby likes bathing at home a lot better.

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