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Measures regarding COVID-19

  • On the day of your appointment, please make sure you are free of any flu related symptoms

  • Please sanitise your hands when entering the spa

  • As a standard rule, a maximum of two adults are allowed to accompany the baby

  • As a standard rule, after every floating session the baths and other service areas are cleaned with alcohol

  • Keep 1,5m distance of staff and other visitors at all times

Frequently asked questions

  • Cancellation policy

If for whatever reason you are unable to come to your appointment, please cancel it at least 24 hours in advance by email or via Whatsapp. Once confirmed, your annulation can not be undone. 

Please make sure your baby is not older than 8 months on the day of your appointment. If this is the case we unfortunately have to cancel your appointment on the spot.

  • From and until what age is the Baby Spa?

From 14 days up to 8 months. Babies older than 8 months often are too energised and too tall for the tub, they might be able to push themselves off the floor. Premature babies might still visit the Baby Spa up to 11 months. Please always consult this with us via email or Whatsapp before booking your appointment. 

  • How do I schedule feeding my baby before a session?

Your baby should not be hungry coming to the Baby Spa. A floating session is not the same as a shower or a bath at home. It takes a lot of energy for the baby. It is best to feed your baby approximately 25 minutes before your appointment. 

  • When is the best time to visit the Baby Spa?

The best time is when your baby is well rested and has a full tummy. ​For younger babies that can be after their morning or afternoon nap. For babies a little older and if they have visited the Baby Spa before, different times can be best. 

  • Can we visit the Baby Spa right before the nap, so my baby will sleep longer after?

Your baby will not enjoy and benefit from the session if they are tired. The floating session or the massage will tire them out more and they will not be able to fall asleep easier afterwards. We also do not recommend shopping, having lunch, or going to noisy places before or after the session, such as children's parties or restaurants. Babies are therefore stimulated far too much with negative stimuli, which makes them restless.

  • How long does a session last?

A floating session lasts from 10 minutes up to 20 minutes max. Depending on their reaction on the first visit. When your baby visits the Baby Spa more often they can last up to 30 minutes of floating. 

The baby massage will last from about 15 to 20 minutes. The massage is performed by one of the parents/carers under the supervision of a certified baby masseuse. All employees have a recent first aid diploma. Please note that your time in the Baby Spa will be a little longer due to dressing and changing of your baby before and after your session.

  • Is the water cleaned after every session?

Yes, the water gets cleaned after every floating session. We also clean the tub in between sessions.

  • What does Baby Spa Aruba provide?

Swim diaper & swimming pants, floating ring BPA free and safe according to the European standardnatural massage oil, towels, calming music and drinks. 

  • What do I have to bring to the Baby Spa?

Normal diaper, baby wipes, pacifier and it is advised to bring food or milk, just in case your baby gets hungry.

  • Can we bring extra visitors?

We only accept two adults for each baby visit and no children, except your baby of course. Children are not allowed as we want to provide a relaxing and peaceful environment for our babies. A third person is unfortunately not accepted and kindly asked to wait outside the Baby Spa. Because we do not have a separate waiting area.

  • In case of vaccination or illness.

A baby who has just been vaccinated is unfortunately not allowed to participate in a float or massage session within the next 72 hours. This includes a baby with flu, cough, fever, viral infection, etc. When your baby has fully recovered, he/she can participate in a session. Please read our cancellation policy carefully.

  • Can we take pictures or videos?

Yes it is allowed. We understand that parents like to record special experiences. However, keep in mind that the session should be considered a relaxing experience and a bonding moment for parents and babies. Babies get irritated when cameras are continuously pointed at them. We also ask you not to capture other babies/parents on a photo or video. This is to ensure the privacy of other babies and their parents. If you post photos or videos on social media, we would be happy if you would tag us @BabySpa.Aruba

  • How often do we need to visit Baby Spa Aruba?

That is completely up to you. A visit to the spa is a whole new experience for you and your baby. Although most babies visibly enjoy the first time, it still takes about 2 visits before he/she is used to the new stimuli and can fully enjoy the session. This applies to both floating and massage. We are convinced that your baby will benefit more from regular visits to the baby spa. Some parents want to participate twice a month. Some prefer every two months or just once. 

  • My question is not listed above

If you can't find your question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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